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Why does this Tenant Improvement Cost So Much?

    I'm often asked questions like this in the early phases of a tenant improvement. The client has many questions during early phases of an office relocation, and they normally would prefer to pin down the cost question quickly, so they can make a decision whether to move forward.
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The Importance of Hiring a Commercial Architect in Phoenix (Conclusion)

It is important to hire the right commercial architect in Phoenix.
As we covered previously, hiring a professional architectural firm to handle your next building or expansion project can give you greater peace of mind knowing that everything is up to high safety standards.

An Architect in Phoenix is Good at Interconnecting a Design's Flow | 480-710-3861

An Architect in Phoenix is Good at Interconnecting a Design’s Flow | 480-710-3861

The Details an Architect in Phoenix Can Help You With

A professional architect knows it is all about the details.
Have you thought about parking? Handicap access? Climate control? These and many more factors and small details need to be considered when designing a new building or home or improving upon and existing one. A good architectural firm will be skilled at tailoring projects to the particular location as well as to their clients’ needs. The direction a door faces to the placement of stairway can have a major impact on the practicality and flow of a building. An architectural firm can help you capitalize on the strong points of a design plan and minimize any negatives of the location.

A Commercial Architecture Firm Can Help With Interior as Well as Exterior Design Elements

Many firms also have interior design plans and options to help you match the exterior of your home with the inside furniture and décor. Designers can help you maximize the positive points inside your home or building to create an inviting, comfortable environment that reflects a specific mood. Professional interior designers can also help you improve your home by creating a greater sense of space or helping you organize.

Creating a building or home also involves plotting landscaping that is not only aesthetically pleasing but useful.Firms can help you create a striking exterior that can also improve the climate and functioning of the interior of your home or building.

One of the most important aspects of building and designing your own home or building is having it fit to your unique sense of style and taste. An architectural firm can help you achieve a design that incorporates your sense of aesthetics with modern conveniences and functionality. They can help you create your vision within a set budget and offer valuable suggestions and solutions to potential problems that may arise.

There are a number of companies which have been providing quality commercial building designs for years. These designs can be tailored to suit your retail plans. However, you need to ensure that you look out for and find an experienced commercial architect or company who are experienced in construction and design.


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Custom Home Design Architecture in Phoenix: The Industry Guide (Contd.)

A custom home design architect will make your home to your specifications.

Custom Home Design Architecture in Phoenix

Custom Home Design Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

Custom Home Design Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

As we covered previously,some architects will work closely with a custom home builder in the area. This can be a great advantage for you in many ways, so ask your architect of choice if this possible. In some cases, you may want to choose your custom home builder first, and they will then put you in touch with a good architect.

Another advantage is that these two professionals will have a history of working together and therefore are very likely to have a strong and efficient working relationship. This can mean that your project advances a lot more quickly and with fewer hiccups that can otherwise arise when two professionals who are not familiar with each other try to collaborate.  And a custom home architect will know what can or cannot be done.

What Can I Do With a Custom Home Design?

Another important question to ask your architect is whether or not they can realistically provide you with the home that you want inside your budget. Sticking to your financial limits is important when you are designing and building your own home, and open ended projects have a tendency to increase in cost significantly.
Within this budget should be the costs not only of build, but also of fittings and decorations. This is why it is helpful to also have the combined services of a custom home builder, as these will often be able to fill in the blanks in budget estimation if your architect cannot.
These are just a few things that you should check with your architect before you decide to work with them. Checking that they are able to work within your budget is essential, as well as verifying their knowledge of design and building restrictions in your particular location.
It is also a wise idea to choose a professional that works alongside a good custom home builder in your area, as this will often allow you the benefit of a number of very useful services all at once. The qualities of an architect can determine the style of a home, the floor plans, use of space, and how you interact with those spaces. Whether you are looking to employ the services of an individual or a sizable firm, it is worthwhile putting in the time and effort to find the right person who is able to display the right level of technical and creative design skills. It is also essential that any architect is able to work with your vision and ideas to create the perfect property to match your personality and taste.
When planning a new home many find themselves faced with the decision of choosing custom homes or what is referred to as a production home.  Consult a home design architect.

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Your Custom Home Design Architect: What to Expect

Hiring a custom home design architect sends a message to the world.  It shows very clearly that you are not going to be satisfied with a cookie cutter home in a housing tract.  You want your home built your way.  Before you contract with one, however, it’s nice to know what to expect.

An Architect Consultation: Custom Home Design Architecture

Hire a Professional  Custom Home Design  Architect | 480-710-3861

Hire a Professional Custom Home Design Architect | 480-710-3861

So you want to buy a home, and not only that, you want it built to your exacting specifications. Then you are going to need a custom home design architect to help you to get it built, and here are the reasons why. First off, there is the matter of all of the red tape.
Do you know who to contact for an environmental impact study? How about what permits you’re going to need? How many bedrooms are you going to want? How many bathrooms? Are you going to need any special wiring such as for a home theater? An architect will sit down with you and go over the following items, that he will guide you on how to get. You’re going to need:

Site Plan or Survey. This document, which is prepared by a surveyor, shows property lines, easements and all existing structures on the property. It is often included with your closing documents.

Property restrictions, (if applicable). Many properties have regulatory limitations that exceed the city’s or county’s building requirements with restrictive covenants. These covenants can limit the materials, establish mandatory building set-backs and require approval of any plans. Look in your closing documents for these papers. If you aren’t sure if your property has such restrictions, check with your real estate agent, closing attorney, or property association.

Your Clip File. Start an image file by collecting pictures of spaces and buildings you like. Create a list of the rooms and functions you want accommodated. Write down your dream of the perfect experience in your completed home or business. Identify your goals for project schedule and budget.

Floor Plans. A copy of your floor plan is the best record, though many older buildings don’t have these. If the original plans are unavailable, check your closing documents for a plan that may have been included in the appraisal or in the description of the property. If there is not existing documentation, we will field measure the existing building and prepare accurate “as-built” drawings that allow us to develop plans that reflect the actual field conditions to be considered.

I Have All That. What Does a Custom Home Architect Need From Me Next?

Not much. At this point, all you need to do is schedule an appointment with your architect. He will go over custom home designs with you.

We will continue this article, but for now, know that you will need the services of a custom home design architect.

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Hiring a Commercial Architect in Phoenix (Contd.)

A commercial architect in Phoenix not only has the design skills necessary to get a project started, he has the skills to turn it into reality.

As we covered previously, a commercial architect in Phoenix is more than just a designer, he is also an administrative professional. He can help you to navigate the often complicated process to get a building built.

Simple to Complex, You Need the Services of a Commercial Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

Simple to Complex, You Need the Services of a Commercial Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

Commercial Architectural Design: When and Where?

Where should you build a commercial property?  Well, as they say in show business, location, location, location.  All kidding aside, however, location matters, particularly where zoning is concerned.

Where you’re going to build your building matters.  How accessible is it to freeways and transit to make it easier for your employees to get to work?  Is the area you’re looking at zoned for commercial property, or is it something else such as light industrial or residential?

Before you even buy the property, research it.  There might be a Superfund cleanup concerning the area you’re building in, or maybe a moratorium on new development.  A professional commercial architect can do all of this for you.  He will also be able to tell you if there is water, power, and sewer access, and what jurisdiction the building site is governed by.  The Phoenix area has more than a few “county islands” which are county property that were absorbed when Phoenix started expanding.  While emergency services serve them, sometimes, it is hard to find out what codes are in place for the property you are looking at.  However, it isn’t just about codes and compliance that should influence you to contact an architect to build your commercial property, there is also the matter of the law.

Commercial Property and Your Business

To get a building built, by Arizona law, it must involve an architect. This is to help protect public safety, as well as code compliance and other vital considerations. An architect also knows about structural limitations, and what will or will not work when the building is completed. Without an architect, you could end up with a building that has a lot of glare from the sun, making seeing a computer screen or keeping your building cool a distinct challenge.

So remember, you hire the right professionals for the jobs that they’re licensed to do. You go to a dentist to get your teeth cleaned. You go to an accountant for matters concerning taxes and bookkeeping. And you call a commercial architect in Phoenix if you want to build a commercial building.


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Top Reasons To Seek The Services Of An Architect in Phoenix

There are several reasons to seek the services of an architect in Phoenix.

Simple to Complex, You Need the Services of an Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

Simple to Complex, You Need the Services of an Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

Architectural Projects Are Complicated

It goes without question that architectural projects can be quite detailed and complex, which may oblige you to seek services of a qualified architect. Drawing up proposals for your projects from scratch, or understanding which wall you can take out for a remodeling project, is certainly out of reach for most DIY remodelers.

If you hire a qualified architect,  you  get access to so much more than you might think.  You get access to sophisticated software, as well as all of the connections they will have to building companies.  Above all that, however, is that you get access to all of their education as well as experience.  You can’t just become an architect.  You have to go to school for years and be an apprentice for even longer.

What Architects Do

Architects provide several services to their clients. Architects have training in design theory, project management, and engineering. If you need someone to manage your project, choose the contractor, solicit bids, control the cash flow, and oversee the entire project, then a Phoenix architect is someone that should be on a short list to bring any architectural projects to fruition.

Architects are highly skilled and they can come up with inventive ideas to solve complex design issues for your project. They will make sure that a project is aesthetically pleasing, whether it is original or classical in terms of styling.

In addition, other detailed projects can really benefit from a qualified architect’s vision and their capacity to visualize ideas three-dimensionally. Here are the reasons why businesses and individuals should call an architect for remodeling or building projects.

1. Architects are required to handle the paperwork. When the vast majority of us think about an architect-designed project, we imagine the style of the building: its size, shape and completed surfaces. Yet, behind the beautiful face are the skeletal bones of the building. It’s the architect’s business to plan the project to meet specific building codes and other demands that we may not even be aware of.

Furthermore, striking that harmony between aesthetic beauty and basic structural security is no simple accomplishment; it requires knowledge, not only of building codes and local ordinances, but of structural integrity.  And an architect in Phoenix can help you to balance all of these elements and more.

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An Architect in Phoenix and Architectural Projects (Contd.)

An architect in Phoenix can help you with a wide variety of architectural projects either big or small.  | 480-710-3861

An architect in Phoenix can help you with a wide variety of architectural projects either big or small. | 480-710-3861

There are several more projects that an architect in Phoenix can help you with.

Commercial Architectural Projects

• Cultural centers – When designing cultural centers, it is important for the project architect to take into account what the site will be used for. A cultural center is usually a building which promotes culture, music and the arts so when designing the center; it needs to be in line with its purpose.

• Healthcare facilities – One of the main things to consider when designing a healthcare facility is ease of movement and adequate space. Healthcare officials need to be able to move quickly through the building in emergency situations and there needs to be extra space available for patients as well.

• Office & industry – Project architects who work on commercial buildings usually have training in this particular type of architecture due to the specificity and detail required. When planning to build a large building, it is necessary to look at things such as the stability of the ground, (possibility of earthquakes), and dangers faced due the length of the building. Safety also needs to be considered and the structure has to allow for ease of entry of emergency crew.

Architectural Projects: Some Final Thoughts

Architectural projects are in essence the core of any architectural process and should be comprehensive to prevent delays or accidents. The project architect, along with his team has a large role to play when developing the project plan and communication with the client is also necessary to successfully design and build a dwelling or a building.  However, they are more than that.

For one, these projects are guarantees.  They’re guarantees that you will be in compliance with the building codes of your city and/or your municipal area.  They are also guarantees that each and every permit, each and every purchase of materials, and all necessary personnel are hired in order to take care of the project to it’s successful completion.

Ultimately, hiring someone in this field is all about choices.  You can choose to save money by trying to sidestep the process completely, and end up owing several times more in fines and punitive damages than what you would have paid in the first place.  The choice is clear:  hire an architect in Phoenix.

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What a Residential Architect Can Do For Your Home

Residential architects are more than just adding a guest bedroom or remodeling the kitchen.  There’s so much more we can do for you.

Call in a Tenant Improvement Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

Call in a Residential Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

What Can a Residential Architect Do?

What can a residential architect do? According to WISEGEEK: “A residential architect designs buildings and structures that people live in. Residential architects work in many different settings. They may be self-employed, work for a smaller studio, or work for large companies and corporations. Residential architects may work independently, or in collaboration. Their daily work activities include designing structures, meeting with clients, and occasional visits to construction sites.

Residential architects are trained at designing living environments to suit specific conditions. They have at least a bachelor’s degree in architecture, often specifically in residential architecture. Residential architects receive training in designing single family homes, multi-family unit residences, assisted-living and senior housing units, tract homes, and remodels and additions to existing residential structures. Architects do not actually construct buildings, but design them according to the client’s specifications and the architect and client’s aesthetic sensibilities.

For example, a residential architect might be hired by a family that wanted to put a major addition onto their house. The residential architect would work with the family, considering a number of factors to determine what design would work best for the family before coming up with a design. The residential architect would consider the intended use of the new space, how the owners want it to look, cost and space considerations, building materials or desire for environmentally friendly construction, and the footprint of the existing house.” [READ SOURCE ARTICLE]

Hiring a Residential Architect: The Details that Matter

Most people don’t know how to do an environmental impact study.  In a lot of cases, people will get building permit A, B, and C, but forget D.  That’s where the architectural firm comes in.  An architect can take a home from design to dream home, or remodel an existing home to better fit the needs of its owners.

So remember, some things you can do on your own.  Other things you’re going to need help with.  And a residential architect should always be consulted with any home addition.

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Remodeling Projects Part 3: Remodeling a Custom Home

Part two of a series on remodeling projects covers  remodeling a custom home.

Why Remodel a Custom Home?

Custom Home Design | 480-710-3861

Why remodel a custom home?  Several reasons come to mind.  For example, what if you’re expanding your family, or want to rent out a room of your home?  You may need to add a room from scratch.

Even if you have contracting or construction experience, it’s a good idea to bring in a home remodeling architect in to make sure that anything you’re doing won’t adversely affect either the structure, or the rest of the home.  However, there are other reasons to remodel a custom home as well, as this article excerpt from the National Association of Home Builders illustrates:

“Remodeling your home can modernize the style, make it more comfortable, improve energy-efficiency and home functionality, increase the value of your home, and help with upkeep and maintenance. Home remodeling is a sure investment in your home to ensure longevity, usefulness, and home value.”

Source Article:

Remodeling a Custom Home for Market Value

Now that the recession is coming to an end thankfully, you may be considering selling your home.  Homes are still plentiful, so you want to have a few things working in your favor.  One of the best selling points around is to put newly remodeled in the forms when you’re talking to a realtor.  And if you hire a custom home remodeling architect, it won’t just be a remodeling job, it will be a great remodeling job.

So remember, your home is more than just your property, it is also an investment.  And if you want a good addition to your investment, calling a home remodeling architect can really help.

This concludes part two of our series.  For more information on remodeling projects, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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Architects and Architectural Design Part 3: The Final Stages of a Project

Part three of a series on architects and architectural design explores the final stages of a project.

The Architectural Process:  It’s All in The Details

Home Remodeling-Call an Architect

Home Remodeling-Call an Architect | (480) 710-3861

At this stage  your architect is bringing  the design concepts that he or she learned in college.  if it is a current building that is being remodeled, at this point maybe a feature can be improved on.  For example, let’s say you don’t have enough light in a room. This may be the time to add another window or a skylight.  All changes are checked, double-checked, and even modeled to make sure that they don’t adversely affect the structural integrity of your home or business.  After all the checking is been done, it enters into the permits process.

The reason that permits are put in place are to help with oversight, keep in compliance with building codes, and to protect public safety.  It’s all very well and good to make a building that is five stories high, but if the local jurisdiction only permits buildings of two stories, then the project will encounter snags.  There is also the aesthetics of your building project, both on a residential level and on a commercial level.  An architect has to have familiarity with the city’s codes.

Architectural Design and City Planning

A professional architect has to know the way the city works.  For example, in places such as Santa Barbara and Cape Cod at opposite ends of the country, there are only a handful of building styles that are permitted in each city.  Why?  Well, the city planners don’t want anything to disrupt the aesthetics of the city.  Multinational corporations such as Starbucks and McDonald’s had to learn the hard way about signage, building design and more when they tried to expand into these areas.

It makes sense if you think about it.  No one wants a bright neon sign in the middle of a quaint village, nor does nayone want a skyscraper in an area that’s all residential.  That’s why it’s always best to hire the right architect to help you with any remodeling projects, or designs.

This concludes part three of our series.  For more information on architects and architectural design, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

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Architects and Architectural Design Part 2: An Architect’s Duties

Part two of our series on architects and architectural design explores the duties of an architect.

What Does an Architect Do?

An Architect Can Help You Build Your Dreams | 480-710-3861

lot of times people ask what they think is a stupid question: “what does an architect do?” A lot of other people assume that all we do is make up blueprints, and that’s it. However, an architect follows a deliberate and step laden process to get from conception all the way to the doors opening. Here are the first steps in the architectural process.

Step 1: The initial interview with the client.  This is more than just finding out what the client wants.  During the interview, both the client and the architect see if the partnership will be a good fit.  The architect shows off his portfolio, and goes over their normal process with the client.

Step 2: Gathering information.  This is where the architect visits the site to review the conditions he will be working with. If the project is from the ground up, a surveyor may be called, otherwise, a set of plans for the structure as is is provided.  These plans are readily available at the city/county as a rule.

The Architectural Process

The third step of the process can be summed up by a question: how feasible is my architectural project?  Using the  information from step two this  is where an architect prepares a couple of designs.  So as you see, there is a lot of pre-work before the project begins in earnest.  We will discuss more of this process in our next article.

For now, know that an architect is about more than just drawing plans.

This concludes part two of our series.  For more information on architects and architectural design, be sure to read part one and part three as well.

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