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Why does this Tenant Improvement Cost So Much?

    I'm often asked questions like this in the early phases of a tenant improvement. The client has many questions during early phases of an office relocation, and they normally would prefer to pin down the cost question quickly, so they can make a decision whether to move forward.
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Home Remodel Architect

Home Remodeling Architects Architects Can Smooth Out the Process of Remodeling Your Home (Conclusion)

Hire a home remodeling architect to take the guesswork out of home improvement

As we covered previously, remodeling may save you money in time as compared to all the costs of a new home and moving. In fact, your remodeling work could act as an investment and add value to your home depending on the specific work done.

Hire a Home Remodeling Architect

Get Home Design Architect on Board for your Next Project | 480-710-3861

Get Home Design Architect on Board for your Next Project | 480-710-3861

The beauty of traditional styling is that it never actually falls out of fashion. In fact, many modern designs are based on more traditional building and design concepts. Your residential design architect will have the expertise to advise you on many different kinds of design considerations, so together you can create the perfect home.

The thought of hiring a professional may make you cringe because of the additional cost that the decision will lead to and because of the present economic down turn we may have second thoughts of getting these services for your home remodeling project. You should remember that in getting the services of a competent and professional residential architect, you are assured that the ground work has been laid for a reliable road map for an effective home remodeling project. The service that architects provide is worth all the money you’ll spend in hiring them as it is the right first in your home improvement project. In some instances, with the scale and complexity of the remodeling job, an architect becomes an essential part of the initial stages before the project can even take off the ground.

Expert Architects Make Home Remodeling Easy

A professional and expert architect has the knowledge, skill and training in coming up with a comprehensive home remodeling design that will reflect your preferences and desires. This is very critical as it is practically a road map that establishes how you can move from point A to point B in your home remodeling project. As you are trying to realize the envisioned improvements in your home, it is his responsibility to put those visions into a comprehensive plan with the needed refinements and adjustments based on the residential architect’s professional judgment. He or she can also help in obtaining any permits or variances that may be needed to get the job done.

While you may only have the vision of what you desire, a professional will have to convert this vision into a detailed plan with the requisite fine prints and details that are needed in order to implement the home remodeling that you want. In effect, the residential architect helps you take the initial steps toward the completion of your home improvement project through preliminary drawings done during the initial consultation. If you choose a home remodeling architect with care, he should be able to work closely with your general contractor and be at the site almost as much.


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Custom Home Remodeling and You Part 3

Part three of our series on custom home remodeling explores using environmentally friendly materials for your project.

Green remodeling sometimes employed re-used materials 480-710-3861

Green remodeling sometimes employed re-used materials 480-710-3861

Green Remodeling and your Kitchen

One of the worst offenders in any custom home remodeling project is your kitchen. Installing new stone countertops involves stone being quarried, and adds to your carbon footprint as the stone has to be shipped, often thousands of miles away from where it came from. In addition, some stone is sealed with chemicals that are not environmentally friendly. Instead of putting in travertine or granite counter tops in your kitchen, one thing to substitute is terrazzo.

Terrazzo is a green remodeling idea that a lot of people don’t know about it. It is made with recycled glass cast in concrete. It is durable, has millions of color options, recycled glass form the material, generally from bottles and windshields. Terrazzo is not just durable, it is tough enough that you can put a hot pot on top of it without risk of damaging the counter top.

Using Green Building Materials to Remodel your Home

According to the EPA.GOV website: ”

Building construction uses large quantities of natural resources; in fact, construction activities use 60 percent of the raw materials, other than food and fuel, used in the entire U.S. economy. And the nearly 170 million tons of annual building construction, renovation, and demolition derived wastes (commonly referred to as C&D materials) account for nearly 60% of the nation’s non-industrial, non-hazardous solid waste generation.

Salvaging building materials and reusing them saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing the need to extract and process raw materials and ship new material long distances; it also reduces the economic and environmental impact from waste disposal (for example, greenhouse gases generated from waste decomposition, the need to build new landfills or the emission of air pollutants from waste incineration). Also, some salvaged building materials are rare and sought-after, such as marble mantles, antique fixtures, old growth hardwoods, wide-plank lumber and knot-free, fine-grain wood.

You can reduce the environmental footprint of your home by incorporating salvaged materials into the construction or renovation of your home. Nationally, hundreds of building material reuse stores sell high-quality salvaged building materials for construction and renovation projects, including lumber, flooring, cabinetry, bricks, doors, windows, fixtures, and iron work.” [READ MORE]

Making a difference is easier than you think.  Just make the right decisions in the products and materials that you choose.  And get the advice of someone who can help: a residential architect.

For more information on this subject, be sure to read part one and part two as well.

DesignLine Architects, LLC
470 E. Canyon Creek Court ,
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Home Remodeling and Your Architect

Your architect in Chandler is more than about structural safety and building codes. He can also help you improve the aesthetics of your home…

Home Remodeling is More Than Just Style

Let’s say you got the latest home design magazine or visited a website full of remodeling tips.  Excited, you pick up all the colors, upholstery swatches, a couple of end tables and some vases.  You place them all, and compare it to the picture, and suddenly you find yourself disappointed.  You can’t figure out what’s wrong.  That’s where an architect can help.  Most people think that architects are just about structural design and additions, but sometimes, they can help you with important design elements such as natural light.

One trick that a Chandler architect can use  that is very effective  is the use of glass bricks.  According to this article excerpt:  Glass brick, also known as glass block, is an architectural element made from glass. Glass bricks provide visual obscuration while admitting light. The glass block was originally developed in the early 1900s to provide natural light in manufacturing plants. Glass bricks are produced for both wall and floor applications. Glass blocks for use in floors are normally manufactured as a single solid piece, or as a hollow glass block with thicker side walls than the standard wall blocks. These blocks are normally cast into a reinforced concrete gridwork or set into a metal frame, allowing multiple units to be combined to span over openings in basements and roofs. [READ MORE]

Glass bricks can be surprisingly durable.  In some cases they can even be used in flooring.  The whole reason you want to employ glass bricks in your remodeling, is that  it’s a good idea as well as a cost effective one to make as much use of natural light as possible.

Tips From a Professional Architect: Natural Light is Ideal

Call a Home Remodeling Architect | 480-710-3861

While tract lights at night add an air of quiet ambiance, natural light makes a home seem somehow more like a home, while at the same time, gives your home a professional home remodeling look.  If you don’t believe us, go visit Chandler Fashion Center during the day.  If you walk down each of the upstairs wings, you’ll see a lot of natural light in play.  The mall makes clever use of reflective white panels that when the light hits them, add a lot of light to the mall.  However, it isn’t just a shopping mall that benefits from this abundant resource.  Your home can too.

This is just one trick that can transform your living space.  You want to consult the professional that has even more tips up his sleeve, your professional architect.

DesignLine Architects, LLC
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Why Hire an Architect For Your Home Remodeling Project

Home Remodeling-Call an Architect

Home Remodeling-Call an Architect | (480) 710-3861

Hiring an architect for a home remodeling project seems to be an unnecessary expense.  But this article except from shows some clear advantages to hiring a professional:

Advantages of Hiring an Architect

The bigger the remodeling job and the more valuable the house, the more you need a professional. “Any time you’re changing the exterior of the building, making significant alterations to the floor plan inside, or spending more than 5% of the value of the house, you want an architect,” says Stamford, Conn., construction manager William Harke.

Both architects and contractors can save you money through the creative use of space and materials. But the two professionals often solve problems differently. In a nutshell:

Contractors typically look for an efficient and logical solution, but not necessarily the most innovative or aesthetically pleasing approach.

Architects typically propose solutions that add visual appeal, and complement and flow into the rest of the house.

To red more of this article, please visit  the source article here.

Hiring an Architect Versus Hiring a Contractor

Be aware that not every project requires that you hire an architect.  Something simple like painting, electrical, drywall etc., are all the realms of a contractor. However, remodeling jobs that require you to get building permits such as home additions are the realm of a licensed architecture firm.

However, it isn’t just home additions that require permits, or the skilled hand of an architect.  Sometimes,  home remodeling requires that you get in touch with a pro.

Structural Integrity and an Architect

Let’s say you want to add some natural lighting to your family room.  You go to your local home improvement center, and buy a whole bunch of glass bricks and some mortar and caulking.  You’re all set.  Except, that you are looking at putting the glass bricks in a load bearing corner.  Without meaning to, you could damage the structural integrity of your house, or if you live in Mesa, you may get in trouble with the city if you’re not careful.  You would do better by calling in an architect instead, as they can easily determine where it is safe to put your new glass brick wall while keeping your house’s structure intact.

 Design Line Architects, LLC is a Gilbert-based architecture firm.

Design Line Architects, LLC
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Remodel Your Home in Time For Spring

Call Your Gilbert Architect for Remodeling

Time to Remodel Your Home?

Time to Remodel Your Home? | (480) 710-3861

Home Remodeling is Easy

With the Help of an Architecture Firm

Design Line Architects, LLC is an Arizona based architecture firm.

Design Line Architects, LLC
470 East Canyon Creek Court
Gilbert, AZ 85295
(480) 710-3861
Home Remodeling

Mesa Building Permit “Shortcuts”

By Doug Rusk, Architect

The City of Mesa offers an accelerated process to obtain building permits for minor remodels.

If you haven’t already heard…  the City of Mesa offers a “shortcut” to obtain building permits for minor commercial remodel.   This special program, called “Permit By Inspection” (PBI), will significantly shorten the Plan Review and Permit Approval process – if your project qualifies.

Mesa Tenant ImprovementCity of Mesa

Minor Commercial Tenant Improvement

Permit By Inspection (PBI)

The permit by inspection program (PBI) is a voluntary alternative to the standard construction document plan review and building permit approval processes for special projects of certain building uses, occupancies and degree of complexity.   The PBI program is intended to provide a stream-lined approach to building permit plan review review and issuance in which senior building inspectors review construction documents in the field and approve the issuance of the building permit.  There is a 20% premium for the PBI process on top of the regular building permit fee and other fees.

Benefits of the “Permit By Inspection” (PBI) Process:

  • – Typically the Permit By Inspection (PBI) is processed in a 5 day turnaround time  (instead of 18 days).
  • – Cuts down on paperwork.
  • – Much of process is done by email.
  • – One contact person who is familiar with the project and special conditions.
  • – Construction work can proceeds as the plan review is taking place.
  • – Quick response time to changing field conditions.

There are currently no written criteria to determine if your project will qualify for the building permit by PBI process.  To learn more, call Clyde at (480) 644-4273.

If your project does NOT qualify for the PBI process, the regular Plan Review Turn-Around Times at this writing are:


  • – 5 business day PBI review.
  • – 18 business days review.
  • – 10 day expedite review (100% of building permit fee).
  • – Super expedite review with negotiated turn-around time (200% of building permit fee).


  • – 10 business day review (5 days for master plot plans).
  • – 5 day expedite review (100% of building permit fee).


Over-The-Counter Plan Review

The City of Mesa also offers same day over-the-counter plan reviews for the following projects types:

  • – Emergency repairs (water, sewer, gas, electric).
  • – “Like for Like” repair/replacement (gas, water, electric).
  • – Banner Permits.

City of Mesa

Construction Plan Review and Building Permits
55 N. Center St.
Mesa, AZ  85201
PHONE (480) 644-4273
OFFICE HOURS:  7:00am to 6:00pm, M-TH

For more Building Permit specific details related to cities that you live or work, click on one of the following links: Phoenix, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale.

About the Author

A Mesa architect will help you avoid many common mistakes that are made with construction projects. No matter what kind of space you need today, we’ll make sure it’s designed for your needs in the future.  This will give you future function built into today’s home addition.  To discuss your Mesa building permit needs, contact Doug Rusk at 480-710-3861 or email us at

Architect in Mesa

Mesa Architecture Firm
Doug Rusk, Architect
DesignLine Architects, LLC
Gilbert, Arizona

CASE STUDY: Chandler Master Bathroom Remodel

Written by Doug Rusk, Architect

Chandler Master Bathroom Remodel

Nestled among a large group of Sun Lakes retirement homes, where golf carts dot a sleepy street in South Chandler Arizona, stands a home that’s in desperate need of a Master Bathroom Remodel. bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel

Recent New York transplants, Ana and Ayad, did what most people do when they move into a home that shows signs of mold in their shower; they called a reputable, licensed contractor, who in this case was Ken from Behrmann Home Basics (BHB).  Because this wasn’t the first or the last project that Ana and Ayad would need, Ken knew the first step would be to have a quick hand sketch designed by Doug Rusk, from DESIGNLine Architects, that would help his clients visualize a few alternate ideas for their Master Bath Remodel.  Ana had a very specific idea in her mind for the Bathroom remodel. bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel

Mesa Bathroom Ideas

She wanted to remove the makeup counter, drawers and knee space between the two sinks (shown above).  “This would leave 3-1/2 feet of space between the sink vanities for a nice sized floor plant”, she said.  But because she also wanted the medicine cabinet storage removed also, Doug, her Architect, had another idea for her Master Bath Remodel.

bathroom remodelMaster Bathroom Ideas

He wanted to replace the lost medicine cabinet with storage for a toothbrush, soap and accessories.  So Doug also proposed Option A (shown above) which would instead add a tall cabinet between the two vanity sinks, high enough for the vanity counter to extend behind the false cabinet front, creating a storage niche.  Ana ended up sticking with her original Master Bath remodel vision and kept the space for a healthy green plant. bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Here is the shower converted from a light pink, vintage 1992 ceramic, to a more updated ceramic tile finish, with a textured glass, frame-less enclosure.  Below are a few pictures that show the Master Bathroom remodel.athroom remodel

Chandler <em>master <em>bathroom remodel</em></em>

Chandler Master Bathroom Remodel

Many of the Sun Lakes home, built in the early 1990’s, are well designed and have great bones. Now that these homes are getting a little older, certain areas need updating.  With some strategic planning, the lives of these homes can be extended for another 20 years +.  Intelligently remodeling an existing house to make it last for another generation is also one of the most sustainable things a homeowner can do.

Below we’ve outlined a couple of our primary strategies you should consider for your next home remodel:

1. Limit the scope

While it would typically be ideal to update the entire home, most homeowners have a budget that requires a limited scope; being aware of where dollars are spent allows a homeowner to get the most renovation for their buck. Usually there are certain areas of older homes that need the most attention and we’ve found that the kitchen and bathrooms remodeling are typically most in need of modernizing. bathroom remodel

2. Be Selective

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to stop with a  home renovation. While you’re updating the kitchen, it’s tempting to also update a few things in the living room, and then why not replace too old, hall bath shower enclosure and, then you realize, that awful garage floor needs that speckled paint you always wanted. Before you know it, budget creep occurs. We find it useful stay true to your budget and to specifically define where the remodel is ending.

About the Author

Doug Rusk is the principal at DESIGNLine Architects, LLC located in Gilbert, Arizona.  We specialize in residential and commercial remodeling for small and medium sized businesses with expertise in space planning and interior design consulting.  We’ll provide your General Contractor a thorough preliminary design packages that will enable an early construction cost estimate to confirm your Master Bath remodel budget quickly. bathroom remodel, bathroom remodelbathroom remodel

Phoenix Architect
Doug Rusk, Architect
DesignLine Architects, LLC
Gilbert, Arizona

Expedited Scottsdale Building Permits

The City of Scottsdale offers an accelerated process to acquire building permits for minor remodels.

If you’re building a minor residential or commercial remodel in City of Scottsdale and need a building permit, there are special programs in place that will significantly shorten the plan review and permit approval process.

City of Scottsdale

If you meet the following criteria and have a form of payment with you, you may be eligible for an Over the Counter Buliding Permit.  The building permit may be processed while you wait, depending on the complexity of the project.   Plan check and building permit fees vary depending upon the type of work being done and the valuation.

Smaller Home Remodels/Addition

Scottsdale Building Permits














1.  For smaller residential remodels/additions, the City of Scottsdale offers a convenient over-the-counter plan review and building permit process, available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM, opening at 10 AM on Wednesdays.  Plan Review is completed over the counter at the One Stop Shop.

City of Scottsdale


Over The Counter Plan Review

–  Home Remodels or Additions less than 1000 SF – no second floor additions.

–  Patio additions and enclosures.

–  Carports enclosures into garages or livable space.

–  Garage conversions to livable space.

–  Non-habitable accessory buildings less than 1000 SF.

–  Solar panels that are in compliance with City of Scottsdale placement guidelines.

–  Properties with non-conforming structures and/or properties, requiring additional research, may be submitted for a standard 20 day review.

–  Projects zoned Environmentally Sensitive Lands (ESL) must be submitted for a 20 day review.

–  During busy waiting periods, only one plan per customer will be honored.

Minor Commercial Tenant Improvement

2.  The City of Scottsdale is now processing minor Commercial Tenant Improvements (TIs) using a two-tiered process that will allow certain types of TIs to be reviewed, and building permits issued, either same day or within 15 days of submittal. building permit, building permit, building permit

Scottsdale Buliding Permits











City of Scottsdale


Over The Counter Plan Review

–  2,000 sq. ft. MAX

–  Group B or M occupancy ONLY

–  Single-story, non-structural

–  No use changes

–  Do not require a Use Permit

–  Do not require a Use Permit

–  Ask for a Counter Plan Reviewer

15-Day T.I. / Commercial Remodel Review

–  Groups A, B, E or M occupancy ONLY

–  Non Structural

–  No use changes

–  No Use Permit required

–  No exterior work* (other than roof mounted equipment that is fully screened)

3.   Projects north of the CAP will require some planning input before approving for over-the-counter review. Please ask to speak with a Planner.


4.  Fire Sprinklers – Any residential improvement that involves 25% or more of the existing structure; and/or adds more than 25% to the original structure, requires that fire sprinklers be installed in the entire home.

5.  Building Code – Any residential improvement that involves 50% or more of the existing structure; and/or adds more than 50% to the original structure, requires that entire structure must be brought up to the current Building Code standards.

6.  Water & Sewer improvements may be required.

Coffee Bar Remodel








City of Scottsdale

Regular Plan Review Turn-Around Times

If your project does NOT qualify for the Over The Counter Plan Review process, the regular Plan Review Turn-Around Times at this writing are:


–  15 business day review – Tenant Improvement (See item #2 above)

–  20 business day review –  Downtown Projects less than 3,000 sq.ft.

–  10 day expedite review (100% of building permit fee)

–  Super expedite review with negotiated turn-around time (200% of building permit fee)


–  20 business day review (5 days for master plot plans)

–  5 day expedite review (100% of building permit fee)


–  10 business days

–  Get Your Sign Permit Approved in One Review – 10 Steps!

To learn more, call 480-312-2500 at the One Stop Shop 7447 E Indian School Road, Suite 105, Scottsdale, AZ  85251

Please Note:  The counter plan review is usually available on TUESDAY and THURSDAY (only) from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.   To learn more, call (480) 350-8341 to verify availability of services.

City of Scottsdale

One Stop Shop Permit Counter               Ed Peaser C. B. O.
First Floor, One Civic Center                                   Plan Review Manager
7447 E. Indian School Rd.                                        480-312-2532                                  
(480) 312-2500

For more Building Permit specific details related to cities that you live or work, click on one of the following links: Phoenix, Tempe, GilbertChandler, Mesa, Scottsdale. building permit, building permit, building permit

About the Author

A Scottsdale architect will help you avoid many common mistakes that are made with construction projects. No matter what kind of space you need today, we’ll make sure it’s designed for your needs in the future.  This will give you future function built into today’s home or office remodel.  To discuss your Scottsdale building permit needs, contact Doug Rusk at 480-710-3861 or email us at building permit, building permit, building permit

Architect in Scottsdale

Doug Rusk|Scottsdale Architecture Firm
Doug Rusk, Architect
DesignLine Architects, LLC
Gilbert, Arizona

Master Bathroom Home Remodel in Phoenix

Home-Remodel-Architect-PhoenixIf you’re planning a large home remodel, remember no matter the scale and size of your project, it’s always wise to break up your overall home remodel into small, individual tasks for each room.  Take your master bathroom for instance;  whether you’re looking to create an atmosphere of personal indulgence OR a practical, cost efficient update, here are a few things to help improve your results.

Start with a Quick Sketch of your Phoenix Home Remodel

Creating a dimensioned floor plan drawing of your home remodel is always a good idea, but also ask your Architect to draw a quick hand sketch to help you visualize how all the little details of your home renovation fit together.  A quick sketch will really give you a 3-dimensional view of your home remodel ideas.   It will also help your contractor put together an early cost estimate to confirm your budget goals.

Add Storage and Get Organized in your Home Remodel in Phoenix

Home-Remodel-Architect-Scottsdale– Get creative when organizing all your hygiene products.  The sketch  on the left illustrates a built-in niche in the top of the cabinet centered between two vanity sinks.  This is an alternative to a medicine cabinet and will allow easy access to your products and quick, easy clean up.
– Add bathroom cabinets, drawers, pull-out shelves or even carts to store necessary items.
– Consider installing towel racks that also function as grab bars . If it’s designed well, a fully accessible bathroom will end up looking like a gorgeous, light-filled home that will keep you safe for years.


Add Architectural Elements to your Home Remodel

You might stay a little warmer while showering if you consider lowering your 12′-0″ bathroom ceiling.  Some things to discuss with your architect include:



– Add some architectural elements like arches, soffits and columns similar to those shown in the sketch on the left.
– Large soaking tubs, once all the rage, have fallen out of popularity. Instead, people are choosing custom showers including overhead shower heads, hand-held shower heads, safety grab bars, body sprays and steam showers.
– If space is an issue in your master bath, consider a Phoenix home remodel that will expand it in any direction possible. Extra square footage will open up your cramped bathroom and increase the possibilities.
– Try increasing the natural light into your master bathroom with a sun-tube or skylight.

And remember, when you perform an upscale home remodel in Phoenix to your bathroom, you will recoup approximately 57.2% of the remodel cost when you resell, according to the 2010 – 2011 Cost vs. Value Report.

About the Author

Architect Phoenix DesignerDoug Rusk, Architect
DesignLine Architects, LLC
Gilbert, Arizona


Why Hire an Architect For Your Home Remodel or Custom Home in Phoenix?

Home-Remodel-Designer-PhoenixAre you considering a Home Remodel of your current home or building a new Custom Home?  If so, this can be such an exciting, yet overwhelming, adventure.  There are so many things to consider and how do you know where to start?

An Architect to Design Your New Custom Home in Phoenix?

If you are designing a new Custom  home, you may really want to consider hiring an Architect.  Ask yourself what your goals are?  Do you just want to pick a stock floor plan out of a book?  Or do you want to take the ideas in your head and create a custom floor plan that meets the needs of YOUR particular lifestyle?  What are the perimeters of your lot and the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) for your community in Phoenix?  Confused already?  For these reasons and many more, hiring an architect will help you with all of these issues and provide you with a design that specifically meets your needs.

An Architect to Design the Remodel of your Home in Phoenix?

Home-Remodel-Designer-ScottsdaleIf you are considering a remodel to your existing home you may question if you need to hire an architect.  Of course, this really depends on the project.  Often times though an architect can provide design ideas that you may not have even considered, ones that will better achieve your original goals for Home Remodeling in the first place.  As they say measure twice, cut once.  A well designed and thought out house plan will give you the best results and a better value for your money spent.

What is an Architect?

There are many options to choose from when you are designing and executing a Home Remodel or building a new Custom Home.  There are draftspeople, designers, space planners, contractors, architects and many more titles that people call themselves.  In the state of Arizona one cannot call themselves an “Architect” unless they have been registered or licensed to practice architecture in the state.  To be a licensed or registered architect in the state of Arizona one must complete a bachelor’s degree in architecture, a 3 year internship and pass an extensive series of licensing tests administered by the State.  What exactly does that mean for you and your residential project?  Hiring an Architect for your project can provide you with a professional that has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that you may not find in an unlicensed designer.

How Do I Choose an Architect in Phoenix?

A good Arizona Architect should provide a no-cost, initial consultation.  This gives you a chance to run your basic ideas by them and get a feel for their design style and if they are someone you can work with.  It is important to find an Architect that you feel confident about and enjoy working with.  A good Architect will be able to help you realize and visualize your ideas on paper to result in a remodel or new build that best meets YOUR needs.  Many times there are several solutions to solve a problem and an Architect can help you define these.

About the Author

Doug Rusk is the owner and principal Architect at DESIGNLine ARCHITECTS.  He believes the initial consultation appointment is an important step for both the client and the Architect.  A relationship must be built in order to establish good communication.  This provides the best possible outcome for your project no matter how big or small.  To set up an appointment contact Doug Rusk at 480-710-3861 or email us at to get started on your Home Remodel or new Custom Home Design.
Architect Phoenix Designer

Doug Rusk, Architect
DesignLine Architects, LLC
Gilbert, Arizona