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Why does this Tenant Improvement Cost So Much?

    I’m often asked questions like this in the early phases of a tenant improvement. The client has many questions during early phases of an office relocation, and they normally would prefer to pin down the cost question quickly, so they can make a decision whether to move forward.

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Cost Effective Tenant Improvement Ideas Phoenix

Compiled by Doug Rusk, Architect

Commercial Tenant Improvements

It’s been said that image is everything.  So when your customers walk into your office lobby, it should make a professional impression on them.  Enhancing the image and branding of your commercial offices doesn’t have to cost a lot.  There are many cost effective tenant improvement ideas listed below that we call “memory points” that will help your customers remember you, and improve the probability of that all important repeat business and referral.  Making only a few of these small changes will significantly transform your office space for the better.

Enhance your Reception/Lobby

tenant-improvement-Architect-Tempe* Adding texture and color to the wall directly under your reception counter is a great investment.  Like the front entry door, your reception desk can be very impressionable to your customer.  And depending on your office’s current theme or style, stone, brick veneer, wood or metal accents could be added.  Limit your palette to 2- 3 materials and colors.

* Upgrading the counter top material of the raised portion of your reception desk will focus your investment to just your customer’s reach.

* Adding a few new plants and painting the walls with a splash of sophisticated color is a very cost effective tenant improvement.


Dramatic Architectural Designs

tenant-improvement-Architect-Scottsdale* There are many ways to add dramatic architectural elements.   And surprisingly they can be cost effective tenant improvements.  A Phoenix architect can provide invaluable insight and design ideas.

* By inserting a few columns, beams, arches or lowered ceilings with wood or stone accents into your lobby,  your customer can’t help but see your company’s image as more successful and professional.  And the limited use of diagonal or curved element will add just the right amount od architectural drama needed to strengthen the room’s focal point.

* By adding these distinct architectural elements, it will improve your customer’s experience and help them remember you.

Upgrade Ceiling Treatment and Lighting

tenant-improvement-Architect-Chandler* Adding some architectural details to the existing T-bar ceiling in your lobby or conference room is a small, but effective, enhancement.

* Adding three (3) pendant lights over the reception desk is a very cost effective tenant improvement idea.

* Make your lobby more inviting by reducing the harsh florescent lighting and providing the ability for both bright and dim light.


Low Cost Commercial Office Remodel Ideas

tenant-improvement-Architect-Gilbert* Open the conference room up to the lobby with a glass wall.  Both rooms will feel larger and this  cost effective tenant improvement will also help convey your corporate policy of transparency.

* Add etched glass (or frosted film) to your conference room window located at a person’s sitting eye level.  This cost effective tenant improvement will provide privacy and reduce visual distractions.

* Hanging a world map on a prominent wall will convey a “global” image.

* Add or enhance your company’s sign and logo behind the reception desk.

* Modifying your window coverings will make a significant change, softening the window wall and absorbing sound where many hard surfaces exist.

* Enhancing you lobby’s coffee table will improve the center of the seating area.  And your customers will also love more comfortable seating, if required.

* Enhancing your company’s monument sign out on the curb and freshening up the landscaping are also good ways to improve your company’s image.

Keeping your existing customers and finding new ones are top goals of most business owners, right?  Implementing at least one or two of the “memory points” listed above will add value to your Tenant Improvement.  And improving your customer’s experience of their office visit will help them remember you in a professional light, and improve the probability of that all important repeat business and referral.

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