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Why does this Tenant Improvement Cost So Much?

    I’m often asked questions like this in the early phases of a tenant improvement. The client has many questions during early phases of an office relocation, and they normally would prefer to pin down the cost question quickly, so they can make a decision whether to move forward.

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Hiring a Commercial Architect in Phoenix

Hiring a commercial architect in Phoenix is more than just having a place of business built, it is also about image and branding…

Hire a Professional  Commercial Architect | 480-710-3861

Hire a Professional Commercial Architect | 480-710-3861

Commercial Architecture Firms Built Monuments

What do Skysong, the Viad Corporate Center, and The Chase Center in Downtown Phoenix have in common? They are all examples of commercial architecture. And they’re not alone. The Transamerica Tower in San Francisco, The Empire State Building in New York, and the Pan Pacific Hotel in San Diego are all examples of commercial architecture that have helped to shape the skyline of each of their cities. But sometimes, a commercial architect designs something that is only one or two levels, but it serves every purpose that your business needs.

Coookie cutter architecture doesn’t always work, and it makes sense as to why. A new car dealer needs a huge amount of lot space, a showroom, and a maintenance yard. Everything in the design of an auto dealership is designed to help sell cars and trucks, and convey an image. That’s why maintenance yards are behind the building, not in front. If a car dealership puts their auto repair section up front, it sends a subconscious message that the cars sold there break down a lot. A showroom is all about discrete elegance. Most showrooms have expensive floors such as marble or limestone that have been highly polished. Tract lighting is overhead, and there’s never been an auto dealership yet that doesn’t use natural lighting to its best advantage, and again, every design element is all about moving cars. A commercial architecture firm in Phoenix knows this and many other things that make them crucial if you want to build a new corporate center or remodel an existing one.

Why You Will Need a Commercial Architect

A commercial architect in Phoenix is more than just a designer, he is also an administrative professional. He can help you to navigate the often complicated process to get a building built. Do you know what the zoning is for the area that you wish to build your commercial space at? A commercial architect can find this out for you, and help you to avoid potential fines and delays to your project. The same holds true if you have an existing business and you wish to expand it or remodel it.

So remember, you want the right people on your side to help you build your business. One person to contact is a Phoenix commercial architecture firm.

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