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Why does this Tenant Improvement Cost So Much?

    I’m often asked questions like this in the early phases of a tenant improvement. The client has many questions during early phases of an office relocation, and they normally would prefer to pin down the cost question quickly, so they can make a decision whether to move forward.

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Phoenix New Home Design that “Fits the Way You Live, Now”

Does your Home Design fit your current lifestyle?




You’ve lived in your existing Phoenix home for many years and its served you well.  But for some time now you’ve realized that your needs have changed – maybe most of the kids are on their own, or a family member needs to move in, or maybe it’s just time to update your home.  Here are a few things to consider, if you are planning a remodel or new home design:


* Improve on what you already have.  Yes, your life is always in motion, but sometimes small changes to your home design can have a big impact.

* Write a list of all your household activities. The intent is to identify the way you live now and the way you’ll live in the future.

* Identify the big design ideas early on.  Ask your architect to draw a few conceptual 3D sketches of your space.  These quick sketches are a great starting point to convert your words and thoughts into visual pictures.

* Don’t rush to finish the design process. Let the ideas develop and evolve over time.  There WILL be a point when you will KNOW in your gut that your Phoenix new home design is complete.  Only then will we move to the finishing details.

What Feels like Home to You?

New-Home-Remodel-Architect-Designer-MesaWhere do we find and how do we incorporate the emotional qualities we want most in our Phoenix new home design?   Draw on the past to establish your feelings of home, and then incorporate them into your current lifestyle and needs.

* Childhood memories often contain vivid images and emotions that trigger feelings of joy and peacefulness.  As young people, we were more receptive to the simple pleasures of living.

* Perhaps the home you grew up in had a window seat just big enough for you and all your dolls or toy soldiers.  Maybe you remember your kitchen table was close enough to your mother at the stove so that you could hear her softly humming over the sounds and aroma of sizzling bacon?  Did your grandma live down a long tree lined road in a white farmhouse with a large wrapping porch, where you remember the fragrance of orange blossoms?

* It may surprise you to find that these nostalgic memories are at the center of your preferred design taste and desires.  Bringing these memories into a creative remodel or new home design process may assist you in making your space feel more like home.

Home is a Special Place, Where You can be You



No doubt that your architect will help bring these nostalgic memories and new home design goals to the surface.  But the following questions are designed to help stimulate your thoughts on what feels most like home to you.

* From other homes you’ve visited, what elements most appeal to you?

* What feelings do you want to have as you drive up the driveway or walk up to you new home?  Be specific.

* What is most important to you in a new home or remodel?

* Pleasant memories are helpful to your architect.  Think back to your favorite indoor childhood spaces.  Which rooms were most memorable?

             – Why did you enjoys those rooms?

             – How did those rooms make you feel?

These are only a few of the questions your architect will ask in order to gain an understanding of your ideas of home, your lifestyle and how you and he will incorporate them into your Phoenix new home design or remodel that fits the way you live now, and in the future.


Architect Phoenix
Doug Rusk
DesignLine Architects, LLC
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