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Why does this Tenant Improvement Cost So Much?

    I'm often asked questions like this in the early phases of a tenant improvement. The client has many questions during early phases of an office relocation, and they normally would prefer to pin down the cost question quickly, so they can make a decision whether to move forward.
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Hiring a Commercial Architect in Phoenix (Contd.)

A commercial architect in Phoenix not only has the design skills necessary to get a project started, he has the skills to turn it into reality.

As we covered previously, a commercial architect in Phoenix is more than just a designer, he is also an administrative professional. He can help you to navigate the often complicated process to get a building built.

Simple to Complex, You Need the Services of a Commercial Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

Simple to Complex, You Need the Services of a Commercial Architect in Phoenix | 480-710-3861

Commercial Architectural Design: When and Where?

Where should you build a commercial property?  Well, as they say in show business, location, location, location.  All kidding aside, however, location matters, particularly where zoning is concerned.

Where you’re going to build your building matters.  How accessible is it to freeways and transit to make it easier for your employees to get to work?  Is the area you’re looking at zoned for commercial property, or is it something else such as light industrial or residential?

Before you even buy the property, research it.  There might be a Superfund cleanup concerning the area you’re building in, or maybe a moratorium on new development.  A professional commercial architect can do all of this for you.  He will also be able to tell you if there is water, power, and sewer access, and what jurisdiction the building site is governed by.  The Phoenix area has more than a few “county islands” which are county property that were absorbed when Phoenix started expanding.  While emergency services serve them, sometimes, it is hard to find out what codes are in place for the property you are looking at.  However, it isn’t just about codes and compliance that should influence you to contact an architect to build your commercial property, there is also the matter of the law.

Commercial Property and Your Business

To get a building built, by Arizona law, it must involve an architect. This is to help protect public safety, as well as code compliance and other vital considerations. An architect also knows about structural limitations, and what will or will not work when the building is completed. Without an architect, you could end up with a building that has a lot of glare from the sun, making seeing a computer screen or keeping your building cool a distinct challenge.

So remember, you hire the right professionals for the jobs that they’re licensed to do. You go to a dentist to get your teeth cleaned. You go to an accountant for matters concerning taxes and bookkeeping. And you call a commercial architect in Phoenix if you want to build a commercial building.


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Sounds Like a Job for a Commercial Architect in Phoenix

If you own a business, sooner or later, you will need the services of a commercial architect in Phoenix.

An architect in Phoenix can help you with a wide variety of architectural projects either big or small.  | 480-710-3861

An architect in Phoenix can help you with a wide variety of architectural projects either big or small. | 480-710-3861

What Does a Commercial Architect Do?

What does a commercial architect do?  A commercial architect is responsible for commercial architectural design.

Commercial architectural design involves the process of creating and administering the new construction or renovation of the commercial space. This is where you need the services of commercial architects.

What commercial architectural design targets

Commercial design would address the following areas
1. Building materials
2. The general layout
3. The flooring design
4. The ceiling design
5. The structural and mechanical components
6. Plumbing and electrical systems

Commercial architects are professionals who mainly focus on the design and drawing of any building structure that is essentially a business. They are capable of handling residential projects, however, their specialty and focus is usually larger on commercial projects.

A commercial architect specializes in the planning and design of industrial and commercial buildings. These architects will oversee the whole construction of office buildings, retail spaces, restaurants and other similar structures. They may design a new building or draw up plans for a major remodeling project.

Duties of a Commercial Architect

Depending on how complex or involving a commercial architect wants to be, their duties can include a wide range of things;

1. Designing, Planning, and Development

Designing, planning, and developing are an essential and integral task in an architect’s daily routine. They may be required to provide pre-design reports such as an environmental impact or feasibility study, cost analysis and land-use study.

2. CustomerService and Retention – Architects work closely with their clients in drafting plans meeting severally with clients in order to learn the client’s objectives.

3. Consult

Many architects actually sit down with clients to do their initial consultation rather than having a college graduate do it for them. The client and architect usually discuss what type of structure is being built and its functionality along with the building codes restrictions and regulations.

That last part is beyond crucial.  All it takes for a project to become a boondoggle is one missed permit and you could end up having a commercial project’s budget get out of control.  While it is often tempting to do it yourself, you really end up saving more money by making other decisions.  First off, take your time, and have a general idea of where you want to go with your project, and call a commercial architect in Phoenix today.

DesignLine Architects, LLC
470 E. Canyon Creek Court ,
Gilbert, AZ 85295

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How to Improve a Commercial Property Part 1

Part one of a series on commercial architecture explores energy efficient design.  And in the 21st Century, energy efficient buildings are going to be the gold standard…

Energy Efficient Building Design

Call in an Architect to Remodel Your Commercial Property | 480-710-3861

You may want to hire a commercial architect for help with energy efficient building design.  According to this article excerpt from ENERGY STAR, buildings waste a lot of energy:

“Thirty percent. That’s the amount of energy the average commercial building wastes. If you’ve never done anything to save energy at your building, chances are you have a lot of room to improve.In fact, it’s often possible to reduce energy use by 10 percent with little or no cost. Capture easy wins by starting with simple changes, like adjusting temperature set points and making sure lights aren’t on when no one’s around. Then get expert help from a service and product provider, who can take you a step further.”  Source Article

Energy Saving Tips from Your Architect in Phoenix

One trick that is often forgotten is to use natural light.  Not only does it add to your building, it also reduces your need for light during daylight hours.  Also, you can install solar power into your windows, which will help you reduce your electric bill per month.  Another trick is to have a white wall immediately behind a window or skylight.  The reflected sunlight acts like a natural light source.

So as you see, energy efficiency isn’t as hard as you might think.  In fact, it is just a phone call away.  So remember, turn off your lights when you’re not using them, and maybe think about being more energy-star compliant.  And when in doubt, call a commercial architect in Phoenix for some design tips and advice.

This concludes part one of our series. For more tips on how to improve a commercial property, be sure to read part two and part three of this series as well.

DesignLine Architects, LLC
470 E. Canyon Creek Court ,
Gilbert, AZ 85295

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