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Why does this Tenant Improvement Cost So Much?

    I'm often asked questions like this in the early phases of a tenant improvement. The client has many questions during early phases of an office relocation, and they normally would prefer to pin down the cost question quickly, so they can make a decision whether to move forward.
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Commercial Office Remodel

Tenant Improvement Construction Costs and Design

by Doug Rusk
Principal of DESIGNLine Architects, LLC

Commercial Office Remodel

We’d like to share four “design tips” with anyone who is thinking about venturing into a Tenant Improvement for their commercial office or retail space.

1.  A Tenant Improvement Renovation is Much Like a Home Renovation.

tenant-improvement-Architect-TempeIn many ways your business is your home.  It’s where you and you staff spend most of your waking hours.  As you work with your Architect consider in detail each room; who will use them and how they’ll function.

– In the same way that the kitchen and the family room want to be interconnected, you want to customize your commercial space so it better fits the interactions of your staff and the functions they perform.

– The operations manager of a popular Wine Bar and Bistro, for example, noted recently how productivity improved after the layout was reworked for their wine retail area. The new layout greatly improved the customer flow in the Bistro area for both the customers and staff.

2.  The Branding of Your Firm Should be Emphasized in Your Tenant Improvement Design.

If you run a business, you own a brand. Whether done consciously or not, you have positioned your brand in the market and have an opportunity to emphasize that brand in your Tenant Improvement.

– The appearance of your lobby room, the signage and detail around the entry, and even your bathrooms should mirror the core values and the culture of you, your staff and your business.

– If you’re planning a remodel of your Dentist office, for example, then you might want to create a casual, comfortable social atmosphere, because that’s the primary market you’re targeting.

– On the other hand you may instead want to create more of a formal, professional, no nonsense atmosphere, because it meets your clients needs  and the key attributes and benefits they desire.

– So, as you work with your Architect to draw up plans, take time to define your brand. Look at what you stand-for personally and as a business, and what differentiates you from competitors.  Just going through the process of defining your brand can help you make distinctive design decisions that not only improve flow and function, but may inevitably help your business grow.

3.  Generic Construction Costs for a Typical Tenant Improvement

There is no such thing as a “typical” tenant improvement.  Each project has a different set of requirements that are determined by many varying tenant-improvement-Architect-Chandlerfactors.  This graph illustrates some approximate construction costs based on historical data that you can use as a reference point when considering a standard office improvement.  These figures are general and will most likely change based on your project’s scope and special requirements.

Again, we hope the estimated, ball park numbers to the right will help you come to terms with a realistic budget.

4. Determine Cost Estimate Early

– If you talk to the right Architect, they will help you identify your budget and design goals, and offer a low cost conceptual design package that will be complete enough to allow a qualified General Contractor to develop a +/- 20% cost estimate for your project.  Our goal is to provide a low cost option for you to confirm your budget, before moving forward.

– And when the final drawings and specifications are completed and the project is bid to the subcontractors, very accurate costs are locked in, assuming no design changes.

Phoenix Architecture Firms

Doug Rusk is the principal of DESIGNLine Architects located in Gilbert, Arizona.  DESIGNLine Architects specializes in office tenant improvements and residential design.  We will ensure your Office Tenant Improvement will look more attractive and welcoming to your customers, while also increasing efficiency for you and your staff.

Phoenix ArchitectDoug Rusk, Architect
DESIGNLine Architects

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Remodeling Tips for Commercial Tenant Improvements

By Doug Rusk, Architect

Commercial-Remodelt-Gilbert-ArchitectRemodeling or tenant improvement is a great way to give your office space an updated look that is more customer-friendly.  A successful tenant Improvement project (aka Commercial Remodel) should make your offices look more attractive and welcoming, while also increasing efficiency and comfort for employees. That’s a pretty big goal, but it’s quite achievable once you find the right resources. To brainstorm ideas on commercial remodeling, scope out your favorite office space or lobby locations, taking notes on design elements that work well.  Then, enlist DESIGNLine  ARCHITECTS  to give you information about the latest trends in retail spaces.

Find a Architect for your Tenant Improvement

Completing a tenant improvement of your office of lobby takes away from the time your business is open to customers, so it’s crucial to hire an architect who meets deadlines and works around your schedule. Additionally, look for an architect that are licensed, bonded, and insured.  At DESIGNLine  ARCHITECTS , we simplify the tenant improvement process for you.

Use Lighting for your Tenant Improvement

Lighting can create a certain mood and spotlight products you want to accentuate. Consider using ambient light to fit your business type with track lighting or directional lighting to point customers to featured areas. To create a relaxed mood while complementing products, build lights into shelves and custom cabinets.

The right colors for your Tenant Improvement

commercial-Remodel-Design-Tempe-ArchitectDifferent colors trigger different emotions. For example, the color brown makes most people feel grounded and relaxed. Paint your space in a color that will help you achieve your commercial goals.  The Tenant Improvement process can be an intimidating.  DESIGNLine  ARCHITECTS  will help to make the remodeling process more enjoyable and less intimidating. We will also help you to make decisions that will enhance your place of business by guiding you through the entire remodeling process from concept to completion.  We will make your space an environment that you and your customers love.

How do I get started?

Gilbert-Architect-Doug RuskTo set up an appointment contact Doug Rusk at 480-710-3861 or email us at   The tenant improvement process can be an intimidating.  DESIGNLine  ARCHITECTS  will help to make the remodeling process more enjoyable.  We will also help you avoid many common mistakes that are made with construction tenant improvement projects.

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